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I'd like to offer the user a dialog with a list of available wlan access points when the default access point doesn't work. According to the QNetworkConfiguration reference, when a configuration's type is UserChoice, QNetworkSession::open would popup a dialog for choosing a configuration. But my experience is on N8 (with Symbian Anna) is that

  • every wifi access point I ever used is shown up as a part of the "Internet" destination in Connectivity > Settings > Destinations,

  • which results in having only a single configuration in QNetworkConfigurationManager::allConfigurations(QNetworkConfiguration::Discovered), which has the name "Internet" and type ServiceNetwork

So is it possible to change connectivity settings in N8 to get a configuration with UserChoice type, and will it solve my problem?

What's the proper way to make possible that the user can connect to a new wlan access point from a Qt/QML application without going to Settings?

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