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I want to be able to scroll my page and when I hit a certain point I want a div to scroll horizontally across but I can't seem to achieve this..I had some jquery which alerted when the user hit the second section but I couldn't get it working, I now simply have an animate on my block but it's not working at all...can you help me please?


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do you mean "when I click on a certain point", or "when I scroll down to a certain point"? –  Giuseppe Jul 23 '12 at 10:13

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Is this what you're trying to achieve?


When the user scrolls down to the second div, the animation begins.

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Yes this is great, how would I reverse it so if the user scrolled back up the div would go back to its original state? Thanks! –  green_arrow Jul 23 '12 at 10:42
Here's one way (jsfiddle) but you could make that code simpler, I just did it quickly –  soupy1976 Jul 23 '12 at 10:47
Thanks, that at least gets me on the right track! :D Much appreciated, thank you!!! –  green_arrow Jul 23 '12 at 10:48

First of all, I wouldn't use section tags, I'd use DIVS. Also, I'd place all my "sections" (divs) inside a master div with a specified width (to prevent vertical stacking)

Then on scroll, I'd use the jQuery offset().left method to get the position of the section you wish to scroll to (OR) set a predefined value for an even scroll, then call the animate function.

<div style='width: 4000px' id='masterDiv'>
      <div id='section1' class='innerDiv' style='width: 1000px'></div>
      <div id='section2' class='innerDiv' style='width: 1000px'></div>
      <div id='section3' class='innerDiv' style='width: 1000px'></div>
      <div id='section4' class='innerDiv' style='width: 1000px'></div>

You can determine the direction of the scroll here > How can I determine the direction of a jQuery scroll event? (slide down moves the screen right, slide up moves the screen left)

And then use something like this..

var lastScrollTop = 0;
   var st = $(this).scrollTop();
   if (st > lastScrollTop){
       $("#masterDiv").animate({ "left": "+=180px" }, 1000);
   } else {
      $("#masterDiv").animate({ "right": "+=180px" }, 1000);
   lastScrollTop = st;

Needs some testing, but should help.

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