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Am trying to evaluating the below code using rspec.

Given :

   # book = ... book.inspect

The above code prints the value of return type is boolean i.e {:foo=>false}

   eval(book[:foo]).should be_false

but that doesn't seem to work. While trying to run rspec, it throws the following exception:

 Failure/Error: eval(book[:foo]).should be_false
   can't convert false into String

So, how can i evaluate a boolean to a method, such as my final result would be the equivalent ?

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Hm, why do you need eval here? What are you trying to achieve? I guess simple book[:foo].should be_false should be enough. The reason why you're getting an error is that eval accepts a string as a parameter and evaluates this string as a Ruby code. – KL-7 Jul 23 '12 at 10:25
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eval executes passed argument interpreting it as Ruby code. What Ruby code do you think is contained in false object?

eval(false)   # cannot execute false object
eval("false") # executes a string and returns false object

see the difference?

i don't know what exactly are you testing but you could simply try

book[:foo].should be_false
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Thanks for quick response ! It worked ! – diya Jul 23 '12 at 10:35

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