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Is there a standard way to add docstrings and/or comments to Clojure libaries/namespaces as a whole, i.e. not just to specific functions within the namespace?

I've noticed that the clojure source uses (comment ...) in some places to do this (example), is that recommended?

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You can add it to the ns declaration:

(ns ^{:author "mikera"
      :doc "My awesome library"}

The example you link to does that too - so not sure if this is what you mean? But I think it's the most "standard" - it will get picked up by documentation systems such as Codox and Autodoc.

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Note that ns is defined to take a docstring as an optional second argument. This answer is equivalent to kotarak's answer. –  John Wiseman Feb 24 '14 at 23:43

You can add a docstring to any namespace in the ns form.

(ns my.name.space
  "Very cool namespace doing this and that."
  (:require other.cool.stuff))
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