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I have the following CompositeView(1).
I am wondering what is the best way, for each model of MyCollection, to render two templates and views in order to make something like that(2).


var MyCompositeView = Marionette.CompositeView.extend({

    template: myTemplate,

    itemView: myView,

    collection: new MyCollection(),

    initialize: function () {

    appendHtml: function (collectionView, itemView) {



    appendHtml: function (collectionView, itemView1, itemView2) {
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Have you made any progress on this since you posted? I'm dealing with a very similar issue --… – streetlight Apr 16 '13 at 19:21

Another way to achieve your goal, the result should be the same, is to define onRender funciton in Marionette.ItemView:

Your code in Marionette.ItemView should look like this:

    onRender: function () {
        var itemView2 = new ItemView2();

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Does this nullify the need for a composite view? Or is this the itemView that's being called in the composite view? Would there be any way you can show an example? – streetlight Apr 16 '13 at 19:20

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