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I would like to query a table where I am comparing against a regular expression and then of those results I want to filter out any that begin with 999

Here's the query I have, but this returns no results:

Select * FROM my_table 
WHERE REGEXP_LIKE(my_row, '[a-zA-Z]') 
AND my_row NOT LIKE '999%'

Any ideas where I'm going wrong with this? I know that I should be getting several results.

Sample date would be like the following...


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The query looks correct to me. Can you provide some actual sample data from my_table? – Lukas Eder Jul 23 '12 at 10:40

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Given this test data:

create table my_table (id number, my_row varchar2(10));

insert into my_table values (1, '7878')
insert into my_table values (2, 'THIS')
insert into my_table values (3, 'and this')
insert into my_table values (4, '999NOTthis')

Your query returns these results:

--     ------
2      THIS
3      and this

Here's a SQL Fiddle to prove it.

These seem to be the rows we would expect to be returned by your logic so the problem is clearly in your data.

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I'll give this answer the tick as you confirmed that my query was correct and it was a problem with the data. It turns out that the records on the data leading spaces (eg ' 999RT') so I had to trim first. – Tom Jul 23 '12 at 10:55

Given your sample data, this query:

with my_table as (
  select '12345' as my_row from dual union all
  select '45673'           from dual union all
  select 'G12354'          from dual union all
  select '1234B'           from dual union all
  select '999RT'           from dual
select * from my_table
where regexp_like(my_row, '[a-zA-Z]') 
and my_row not like '999%'



So I can second APC's answer, saying that the problem is elsewhere

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