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I have a table of data using jQuerys datatables plug-in (awesome plug-in!!) and I need to have the data from the email column dynamicly added to a text area everytime the table is filtered or updated.

Can this be done? If yes then how?

I have looked through all the documentation on the website and cant find this.

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You can probably start with the events live demo code. Their example shows timestamps getting appended to a textarea whenever the datatable is sorted, filtered, or paged. That sounds a lot like what you'd like to do:


function eventFired( type ) {
    var n = document.getElementById('demo_info');
    n.innerHTML += '<:div>:'+type+' event - '+new Date().getTime()+'<:/div>:';
    n.scrollTop = n.scrollHeight;      

$(document).ready(function() {
        .bind('sort',   function () { eventFired( 'Sort' ); })
        .bind('filter', function () { eventFired( 'Filter' ); })
        .bind('page',   function () { eventFired( 'Page' ); })
} );

That should take care of your requirement to handle filtering. I'm not sure I understand the "updated" requirement, but if you are looking for a way to run the code when the datatable is live, this example may help:


$('#example tbody tr').live('click', function () { ... });
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Thanks @hmqcnoesy. I did try this but didn't get it to do what I needed.... but they may be my own inexperience. –  Cybercampbell Jul 24 '12 at 14:43
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I got this answer from Allan @ datatables:

Use fnDrawCallback to run a function that will fire whenever the table is updated. Then perhaps use fnGetData or the plug-in fnGetColumnData API methods to get the data and stick it into a text field using standard DOM / jQuery methods.


I followed this method to get the results I wanted.

Hope this helps others.


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