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can Jailbroken iphone used for development

For example, testing in app purchase, game centre, icloud or notification.

Anyone have tested and verified if it work?


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I had tried to call server data from the app in Jail Broken device. I am not able to call webservices from it. It always display error. On other had application is working fine in factory unlock device.

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It works for the most part. Some things don't work perfectly. Sometimes Game Center won't automatch in Sandbox mode for example. But mostly it works.

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I unjailbroken mine yesterday because it got stuck when I run the app. It said something like Locktalking so I restored it to iOS6 beta 3. The most of the 'cool' thinks of jailbreaking have a price (of course, they deserve it, but I don't need them so much) so it wasn't an advantage at all.

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