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I'm trying to put into form ( select ) some values from database:

val kateg = Kategoria.findAll.map(a => (a.id.toString , a.nazwa))

And next in form:

 bind("entry", xhtml,
        "kateg" -> SHtml.select(kateg, Empty, select ), 
       "temat" -> SHtml.text(temat, temat = _),
        "opis" -> SHtml.textarea(opis, opis = _, "cols" -> "80", "rows" -> "8"),
        "submit" -> SHtml.submit("Add", processEntryAdd))

And then i have error:

Description Resource    Path    Location    Type
type mismatch;  found   : List[(java.lang.String, a.nazwa.type) for 
Some { val a: code.model.Kategoria }]  
required: Seq[(String, String)] Forma.scala 
line 51 Scala Problem

any ideas ? Thanks

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SHtml.select(..) allows you to choose a String value. It takes a Seq of tuples (Value: String, Key: String)

In that case you probably need to write:

val kateg = Kategoria.findAll.map(a => (a.id.toString , a.nazwa.is))

if nazwa is MappedString field of Kategoria entity. i.e. kateg should have a type of Seq[(String, String)]

But I would suggest you to use SHtml.selectObj to select Kategoria entity instead of String name value:

val kateg: Seq[(Kategoria, String)] = Kategoria.findAll.map(a => (a, a.nazwa.is))
SHtml.selectObj[Kategoria](kateg, Empty, (k: Kategoria) => { .. /* assign */ .. }) 
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Ok thank You :) – daaatz Jul 23 '12 at 12:30

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