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I'm using Kinetic.js library for handling my touch events and other canvas related objects for a HTML5 mobile game. The library provides easy interface to access all events however, it does not have a handle for catching long-touch/taphold event. My game requires users to touch-hold the key to continue fire but this selects the entire canvas which requires an additional click to deselect which becomes annoying when done repeatedly. I looked at this discussion but no solution is accepted there.

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e.preventDefault() inside my own object(using the library) event handler din't help –  Ani Jul 23 '12 at 11:56

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event.preventDefault() is what you use to prevent the browser's default behavior and event.stopPropagation() is what you use to prevent competing event handlers from firing. For IE: window.event.cancelBubble = true

Try using stopPropagation()

to get the event you can do:

 function(e) {
   var event = e || window.event;
   // more code
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