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I have tried different ways to write a string to a file.

File file = new File(eventPath)
file.withWriterAppend { it << xmlDocument } 


file << xmlDocument

In this way, the string when the file size reaches 1kb is interrupted.

If I do this way (as explained here: java: write to xml file)

File file = new File("foo")
if (file.exists()) {
    assert file.delete()
    assert file.createNewFile()

boolean append = true
FileWriter fileWriter = new FileWriter(file, append)
BufferedWriter buffWriter = new BufferedWriter(fileWriter)

100.times { buffWriter.write "foo" }


Happens that the string gets repeated. How can I use the first method without have limit on string size? Thanks

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new File(eventPath).withWriterAppend { it.writeLine xmlDocument }


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no I get always error in writing the string. ex: string = <event><title></title></event>, the result in the file is like: <event><title></title><event><event><titl. –  Pietro Jul 23 '12 at 12:28
@Pietro Odd... Not doing any sort of redirection into the file as well are you? Can you give a brief runnable example which exhibits the double writing you seem to be getting? –  tim_yates Jul 23 '12 at 12:40
Thanks you made me think. The problem was when I zip the xml files. The buffer was 1024. –  Pietro Jul 23 '12 at 13:27

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