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Titanium SDK version : 1.8.1
Platform & version : iOS 5.1
I'm developping iOS application using Titanium Mobile. And this application includes In-App Purchase using Ti.Storekit module. I'm troubled about In-App Purchase system.

According to Apple's documentation, when purchase transaction is complete, my application needs to invoke finishTransaction method. However, finishTransaction method is not specified in Ti.Storekit module... Then, my question is beow:

  1. When does Ti.Storekit Module invoke finishTransaction? (And is it automatically?)
  2. Can my application invoke finishTransaction optional time?

Thank you.

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when you are using 3rd part code in you application, you should ask the author of the code about anything. :( –  holex Jul 23 '12 at 14:44

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