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I created a report with the line chart in the VS 2008 When I design and render report in the VS - the lines edge look to be good, smoothed. But as soon I deploy report to the Reporting Service and render it via the Report Manager (or by using Report Control) - lines edge become to be choppy.

Is there any way to turn on anti-aliasing for the chart lines?

Thank you for your answer. Alex.

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antialiasing line charts: i'm happy to have a solution for users of SSRS 2012 (not tested with 2008): the edges will get choppy as soon as the Chart Property | Fill | Background | Color = "no color" (transparent). If you choose a solid color for the background of the chart the lines will be smooth (antialiased).

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Hello Tom, It really works!!! Thank you very much – Stalker Sep 21 '12 at 18:01

I'm afraid that you can't play about with the Anti-Aliasing settings on SSRS 2008/R2 (or 2012 for that matter). The Anti-Aliasing option is only exposed on the Gauge control.

The charting component in SSRS was purchased by MS from Dundas but Microsoft made their own changes to it and for some reason or other have hidden that property from the end-user on everything but Gauge.

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