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Take the example of two iOS device running the same app that has iCloud support. The app has CoreData and is "Library" style, not a multiple document style app.

User A is adding an object using the interface and during this addition user B saves the MOC with a new object on the other device. A notification on user A's device will cause the addition of user B's object before user A is done adding his object. This could cause the number of fetchedObjects to change during the [tableView reloadData] on A's device .. and error condition I believe.

Do I need to remove the viewController as an observer whenever the user is editing the MOC? If so does iCloud "sense" this and resend the "missed" notifications once the mentioned viewController is re-added as an observer? I have been unable to find a discussion of this.

Thanks very much for reading. Mark

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Answers to this iCloud question and more found at: http://mentalfaculty.tumblr.com/archive Look for "Under the Sheets with iCloud and CoreData"

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