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This may be a basic question, but is it possible to have colon (":") in username when there is HTTP or HTTPS basic authentication ? If not, is there a way we can escape colon ?

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Looking at RFC - and around the web, there doesn't seem to be escaping technique for colon in username. The only place extra you can have it is in password field.

If it is an option, you maybe can replace : with @ in auth level and ask users to do this.

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the RFC states clearly that the username must not include a colon:

To receive authorization, the client sends the userid and password, separated by a single colon (":") character, within a base64 [7] encoded string in the credentials.`

basic-credentials = base64-user-pass

base64-user-pass = <base64 [4] encoding of user-pass, except not limited to 76 char/line>

user-pass = userid ":" password

userid = * <TEXT excluding ":">

password = *TEXT

Based on this, there is no way to use a colon within the username.

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