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How can I access the first column of a transposed matrix [for merging]? The column names of the transposed matrix become row names, which I somehow can't access.


I have 2 matrices:


Mat 2 must be merged with mat1, so I transpose mat1:


Now I have 2 matrices, of which the first columns hold the site names, and the other columns the parameters. After transpose the column header of the first column is called 'row.names'. I don't know how to access it for the merge:


gives: var site1 site2 "var1" "1" "4",

not the expected: row.names, var, site1, site2.

So I have no means of addressing the right column for the merge. How does this work?


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1 Answer

newvars <- as.character(mat1$var)
newnames <- names(mat1)[2:3]

mat1data <- t(mat1[,2:3])

mat11 <- data.frame(newnames, mat1data, row.names=NULL)
names(mat11) <- c("sites", newvars)


  sites var1 var2 var3
1 site1    1    2    3
2 site2    4    5    6
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