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I am looking for a log reader that updates real time. Also, my log files are on a server running linux while i'm on a windows system. I found bare-metal's baretail, which I'm having difficulty to configure. I have written a simple batch to execute & open the log file but it is not able to, which is not very surprising as the server needs a username/password which I don't know how to specify. My batch:

:: Set Path to BareTail.exe Location
set path=path;"D:\Installs"

:: Set Server Path & Folder Path
set server=
set dir=\product\install\logs\

start baretail.exe \\%server%%dir%system.log

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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On the Linux machine, create an SMB share that points to the logs directory.

In Windows Explorer, map the SMB share to a drive letter. In your case, mapping opens the login dialog for the server. Then simply drag the log file into baretail.

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