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I would like to see how a large (>40 developers) project done with Python looks like:

  • how the code looks like
  • what folder structure they use
  • what tools they use
  • how they set up the collaboration environment
  • what kind of documentation they provide

It doesn't matter what type of software it is (server, client, application, web, ...) but I would prefer something mature (version 1.0 already done)

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should be community wiki –  SilentGhost Jul 21 '09 at 20:11

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Chandler is a really huge one that had problems because of its size and the developers working on it, so you can learn from their failures. There's a book written about it too.

Wingware Python IDE is a huge project, unfortunately it's closed source. But I think it's still interesting to see what a large desktop application is like in Python.

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The Django web framework.

Also, Twisted Matrix.

I am not sure about the exact number of developers, though.

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Look at djangoproject.com/community -- there are a lot of folks making contributions. Some are quite small. Some are large. –  S.Lott Jul 21 '09 at 19:53

Trac - which coincidentally is also usable for the collaboration environment part of your question.

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There are about 40 developers working on the language itself. You can take a look at the repository or download the source [ftp] to see style, organization, &c.

Here are some other large Python projects (lines-of-code large).

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This reminds me of PyPy, too. –  Sinan Taifour Jul 21 '09 at 19:58

The Plone CMS and the Zope application server on which Plone runs.

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Perhaps more low-level than you're looking for but the NumPy and SciPy projects are very mature, open source, numerical and scientific programming libraries. Although the API is Python, much of the low-level work is done in C or Fortran.

The IPython project is a pure-python project that is also quite mature.

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Ahh! You beat me to it. –  Matt Ball Jul 21 '09 at 20:38

Is pinax big enough? or ella?

I'm not sure of the developer count, but they are big and have a fair number of forks.

Django would probably qualify.

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PyQt4 is a large project.

Here is a list with the most popular python projects.

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Even it is 0.9.8, it is quite mature

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