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I am using spring-data mongo with the JSON based query methods, and am unsure how to allow optional parameters in a search query.

For instance - say I had the following function

@Query("{ 'name' : {$regex : ?0, $options : 'i'}, 'createdDate' : {$gte : ?1, $lt : ?2 }} }")
List<MyItem> getItemsLikeNameByDateRange(String name, Date startDateRange, Date endDateRange);

-but I didnt want to apply the name regex match, or not apply a date range restriction if NULL values were passed to the method.

At the moment it looks like I might have to build the query using the mongoTemplate.

Are there any alternatives - or is using mongoTemplate the best option?


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For now I have gone down the route of using the Criteria classes. It does seem a lot cleaner than embedding JSON queries in annotations, and easier to customize which fields are retrieved. – Andrew B Jul 24 '12 at 9:03
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To implement this in Boolean logic I do the following and the conversion to operations that are available in programming languages

:query != null -> field == :query
!(:query != null) || (field == :query)
(:query == null) || (field == :query)

In plain SQL, this is done as

where (null = :query) or (field = :query)

In MongoDB this is done through the $where

{ $where: '?0 == null || this.field == ?0' } 

We can speed this up a little by using Mongo Operations rather than building everything to the function at the expense of some readability. does not work unfortunately.

{ $or : [ { $where: '?0 == null' } , { field : ?0 } ] } 

So what you have is

@Query("{ $or : [ { $where: '?0 == null' } , { field : ?0 } ] }")
List<Something> findAll(String query, Pageable pageable);

This can be further expanded to handle arrays for in/all clauses

@Query("{ $or : [ { $where: '?0.length == 0' } , { field : { $in : ?0 } } ] }")
List<Something> findAll(String query, Pageable pageable);
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You might be interested in providing feedback or vote on this issue: https://jira.springsource.org/browse/DATAJPA-209

It deals with exactly this problem., except for SD JPA. Seems like it'd be appropriate for many other SD subprojects.

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Thanks, voted on this! – Andrew B May 13 '13 at 10:37

The given ticket deals with finders generating their SQL by "name magic", e.g. findByTitleAndSubtitle(), which now works fine. But there is still the same problem when you annotate this finder with @Query("select product where title = :title and subtitle = :subtitle"); null values are translated into "subtitle = null", and therefore will not be found.

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