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I've been asked to build an Android app that has a button to turn on/off the Beats Audio functionality. I can see it can be done in the current music player, but we need to have it available in our app so that it can easily be turned on/off.

Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding this? Is there an API available for controlling Beats on Android devices?

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HTC provides extra APIs in their "OpenSense" sdk that includes stuff like Beats Audio, interacting with the lock-screen, stereoscopic 3D, etc. The option itself is not included in the Android API, so you have to check to make sure it's there first. If not, then the user doesn't have an HTC phone or an HTC phone with beats audio. In which case, you should probably remove the button all together. If the api is available, then make the option available.


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After more investigation this almost does what I want. The only reference I could find in the OpenSense SDK was to the Sound Enhancement API, from there I could only bring up a dialog to turn on/off certain sound enhancements. I couldn't find a way to specifically turn just Beats on and off. Any ideas? –  Brendan Jul 24 '12 at 12:28
I haven't used the OpenSense API enough to know if you have absolute direct access to the Beats Audio. There might be a way to pass in a Bundle to the activity intent that tells it what you want. Then you could call the activity, it sets it, then immediately closes without a UI. This is just wishful thinking though. Maybe you can set a bounty in a couple days if you don't find the answer. I can say that since Beats is not part of the Android API or spec, there won't be any direct way of accessing them. –  DeeV Jul 24 '12 at 14:20

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