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I want to call function A in a program. This function has a for loop inside and I'd like to shorten amount of iterations but not just changing the upper limit. How could I do it in this case? I was thinking if Matlab is capable of doing something like: one timer inside a function (or maybe inside a loop) and second in the main program that calls this function? But only rough idea, I'm a beginner. Please feed back if this is good idea and how could it be implemented?

thank you!

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Can you be more specific about why you're trying to do this? Perhaps with some simplified example code? Why is it not enough to change the limits of the loop? – Isaac Jul 23 '12 at 14:04
Its not clear what you are asking. Are you trying to kill the for loop if too much time has elapsed since it started running? – slayton Jul 23 '12 at 14:44
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It sounds like you're talking about having a maximum elapsed time condition in your loop, something along the lines of,

MAX_T = 10;
for n=1:NMAX
  % Call your loop functions 
  % Break if youve spent too much time in the loop 
  if toc > MAX_T; break; end;

There are also ways of optimizing this, such as only checking the value of toc every N iterations.

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