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I have a site here where the user can click on some divs. Then I add an "X" to it using this code:

function addEx( elem, insertClass ) {
        var element = $( elem );
        var newInsertClass = insertClass.replace('.', '');
        var insert = "<span class='" + newInsertClass + "'> X </span>";

            var $this = $(this);

            if( $this.text().indexOf( "X" ) >= 0 ) {
                var id = $this.attr( "id" );
                $( "#" + id + " " + insertClass ).remove();
            } else {
                $this.append( insert );

As you can see, if the "X" is already there, I remove it. If it's not there, I add it. This works fine.

The user can also click on a "get results" button. The divs the user has clicked are then compared with the right answers. According to this, I add classes to the divs that were clicked correctly, too much or that were forgotten to click. This also works, but the content (the "X") gets lost. So I can see the CSS-stlying I supplied for these classes, but the "X" inside the div is missing after replacing the original with the clone. For adding the classes I use this code:

var test = $(".test");
var clone = test.clone(true,true);

function correction() {
    clone.children().filter(function() {
        return $.inArray('#' + this.id, forgotten) != -1;
    }).addClass("forgotten").end().filter(function() {
         return $.inArray('#' + this.id, toomuch) != -1;
    }).addClass("toomuch").end().filter(function() {
         return $.inArray('#' + this.id, correct) != -1;


I clone the element here, then add the appropriate classes on the clone and replace the original with the clone.

So my question is: How can I prevent this loss of content? I guess it's because the "X" are added dynamically? Or I also have more then one element with .test - could this be the cause?

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The John Resig has answered a question about cloning objects using jQuery. It might help you

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Ha! Thanks, that did the job! :-) – Sven Jul 23 '12 at 14:20

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