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I have a code in which an array contains objects, which have objects in them, for example:

class person {
    public $name;
    public $foods=array();
class food {
    public $foodnames=array() ;
$peoplearray[$name] = new person;
$peoplearray[$name]->name = 'john' ;
$peoplearray[$name]->foods[$key] = new food;
$peoplearray[$name]->foods[$key]->foodnames[$key] = 'ice cream' ;
$peoplearray[$name]->foods[$key] = new food;
$peoplearray[$name]->foods[$key]->foodnames[$key] = 'banana' ;

$peoplearray[$name] = new person;
$peoplearray[$name]->name = 'julie' ;
$peoplearray[$name]->foods[$key] = new food;
$peoplearray[$name]->foods[$key]->foodnames[$key] = 'chocolate' ;
$peoplearray[$name]->foods[$key] = new food;
$peoplearray[$name]->foods[$key]->foodnames[$key] = 'coffee' ;
$peoplearray[$name]->foods[$key] = new food;
$peoplearray[$name]->foods[$key]->foodnames[$key] = 'rice' ;

now i need too iterate through all the objects in class food so i can fetch their properties. anyone knows the most effecient way of doing this?

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It's an array. foreach() should suffice. – uzyn Jul 23 '12 at 14:01
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Declare a static property in class food and put your food objects in it at construct time :

class food {
  public static $collection = array();
  // other properties ...

  public function __construct() {
    // Stuff
    self::$collection[] = $this;

// Create foo objects
$f = new food();

// Iterate
foreach(food::$collection as $foodobj) {
  // Stuff
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You should also add a __destruct() implementation to remove the object from the collection. I would index the collection using spl_object_hash($this), and then removing from the collection would be straightforward. – drrcknlsn Jul 23 '12 at 14:06
I agree, object destruction should be handled (maybe except if food object will never be destroyed except at script shutdown time ...) – yent Jul 23 '12 at 14:09

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