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Is there a way to get the actual DataItem of a DataTemplate. More specifically, I have a custom button which I use in a datatemplate:

<DataTemplate x:Key="SampleDataTemplate1">
    <custom:SampleButton />

I use this in a listview to bind to a collection. I would like to pass a reference to the actual DataItem that is being bound. Something like this:

<DataTemplate x:Key="SampleDataTemplate1">
    <custom:SampleButton BoundItem="{Binding DataItem}" />

Is this possible? How can this be accomplished?

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You will find your DataItem in DataContext Property. There is no need for any additional property. – LPL Jul 23 '12 at 14:34
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You can bind to the data being used in data template. Here is an example:

<DataTemplate x:Key="SampleDataTemplate1">
     <custom:SampleButton BoundItem="{Binding}" />

More details here (see Specifying the Path to the Value section):

The idea is that inside the data template all elements in their DataContext reference the item to which data template is bind to. And {Binding} construct without Path simply binds to the DataContext.

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The link is dead. – greenskin Feb 3 at 12:01

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