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I used Firefox Driver to open two URL's. Whenever I invoke driver, new firefox window is opened. I have to switch between these two windows. How can I do this?

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you can use following code to switch between windows based on the window title

 private void handleMultipleWindows(String windowTitle) {
            Set<String> windows = driver.getWindowHandles();

            for (String window : windows) {
                if (driver.getTitle().contains(windowTitle)) {

Similary you could use URL or some other criteria to switch windows.

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Thank you, it worked for me. :) – Maxime Morin Dec 18 '12 at 20:14
me too! very good method of doing this – sircapsalot Sep 12 '13 at 19:43

I have added scope of switching back to mainWindowHandle as well.

You may try using below function provided that you are handeling windows with different titles.

private String mainWindowsHandle; // Stores current window handle
 public static boolean swithToWindow(WebDriver driver,String title){
  mainWindowsHandle = driver.getWindowHandle();
  Set<String> handles = driver.getWindowHandles(); // Gets all the available windows
  for(String handle : handles)
    driver.switchTo().window(handle); // switching back to each window in loop
    if(driver.getTitle().equals(title)) // Compare title and if title matches stop loop and return true
     return true; // We switched to window, so stop the loop and come out of funcation with positive response
  driver.switchTo().window(mainWindowsHandle); // Switch back to original window handle
  return false; // Return false as failed to find window with given title.
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