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I have seen a lot of discussions on how to move TFS2010, the application tier and DB tier. We have the DB sitting on the same server as the App Tier. I am going to test the process of recovering the TFS2010 DB in a catastrophic failure. Therefore I will have:

  1. SQL backups of all TFS and WSS DB's
  2. I will have the install software for all the applications (TFS etc)

Is there a document that I can use to outline the process of installing the TFS2010 App tier and make it ready to accept the backup of my SQL TFS2010?

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Restore an Application Tier Server

Restore Data To The Same Location

Restore Data To A Different Server

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I will need to add that we will be putting it on a server with a different name (domain requirements). – Ernie Jul 24 '12 at 20:29

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