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I downloaded the twitter bootstrap, then customized the starter-template.html file with the following very basic code:

<div class="container">
    <div class="row">
        <div class="span8 outsidecontainer"> ... </div>
        <div class="span4 outsidecontainer"> ... </div>

So far so good. It shows up fine and the widths are OK too. As you notice, I tried adding an "outsidecontainer" style to bootstrap.css, at the very bottom, which is:

    border-radius: 5px;

For some reason, this styling doesn't show up though. What am I doing wrong? Something tells me it's at the very code level, not the CSS, because not even the background color changes.

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Maybe you forgot to close the previous class? – Mossawi Jul 23 '12 at 14:41
Nope ..that's all there is. It looks all closed fine. – user1227914 Jul 23 '12 at 14:43
Try adding !important to each style? background-color: #f2f2f2 !important; - Just to see if something changes – Mossawi Jul 23 '12 at 14:45
Try to use Developer Tools which can tell you where all the styles come from. – Ana Jul 23 '12 at 14:49
Firefox: CTRL+U for source, click on the bootstrap CSS link, check the CSS that the broswer has, is your code in it? No? CTRL+F5 to force a none cached copy of the page. – David Barker Jul 23 '12 at 17:58

You've added extra padding, which will result in the spanX divs no longer fitting inside the row.

Try this instead...

<div class="container">
  <div class="row">
    <div class="span8"><div class="outsidecontainer">...</div></div>
    <div class="span4"><div class="outsidecontainer">...</div></div>
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I tried removing the padding but it doesn't even work then.. – user1227914 Jul 23 '12 at 15:26

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