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was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have been looking all over the place for an answer and can't seem to find one.

I am kind of a novice at PHP and i am pretty familiar with WordPress. I added three new layouts to the default twentyeleven theme. The way I envisioned this working was if someone selected a particular layout an extra sidebar would appear. So I came up with the following (yeah i know it probably isn't correct but I did it myself and it

            $options = themeawesome_get_theme_options();
            $classes = $options['three-column' || 'three-column-left' || 'three-column-right'];
            if ( 'content' != $classes ) {

like said it works great and shows the alt sidebar if any of those choices are selected in the theme options panel.

Only thing is I get the following error:

Undefined offset: 1 on line 8

line 8 being the 2nd line of code above.

Can anyone help me remove this error. Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

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You cannot use multiple indexes in an array, as you're attempting to do with:

$classes = $options['three-column' || 'three-column-left' || 'three-column-right'];

I'm not exactly sure what goal you're trying to achieve, so I have multiple answers as to how to fix it.

First, declare the list of available themes:

$themes = array('three-column', 'three-column-left', 'three-column-right');

If you want an array, $classes, with each class, try:

$classes = array();
foreach ($themes as $theme) {
    if (isset($options[$theme])) {
        $classes = $options[$theme]; 

If you want to get the "first theme available", try:

$classes = '';
foreach ($themes as $theme) {
    if (isset($options[$theme])) {
        $classes = $options[$theme];

Because you're following if-statement (if ('content' != $classes)) is checking for a single string, the second of my examples may suit your needs.

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Thank you very much, you were correct, your second answer worked perfectly. What i was trying to accomplish was if a particular layout was chosen in the theme options panel then the alt sidebar would show along with the regular sidebar. Again thank you very much. –  Tsquez Jul 23 '12 at 17:40
Awesome, glad I could help out! –  newfurniturey Jul 23 '12 at 17:41

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