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The app I'm working on consists of a hierarchy of data and a filter to search through that data. The data is displayed in a hierarchy of table views, and navigation through that hierarchy works fine. However, when I try to navigate to my filter view model (which is shown as a modal view controller), I run into problems.

The first time I open the modal view, everything works fine, and I can close it and all navigation still works. When I try to open it a second time, however, the modal view will appear and the app will freeze and crash after a couple of seconds.

Here is the code from my custom presenter (which is a subclass of MvxModalSupportTouchViewPresenter) that is handling the modal navigation request:

public override void Show (IMvxTouchView view)
    if (view is IMvxModalTouchView) {
    var newNav = new UINavigationController ();
    newNav.PushViewController (view as UIViewController, false);
    newNav.NavigationBar.TintColor = UIColor.Black;
    PresentModalViewController (newNav, true);

(taken from MvvmCross Using a modal ViewController from a Tab)

I close the modal by dismissing it in the view itself. Does anyone have any idea why the app is crashing?

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Is this on simulator and real device? Can you check the console output - does that say anything about the crash? If you don't use modal, or don't use your custom presenter, then does it still crash? – Stuart Jul 23 '12 at 20:04
This happens on the simulator, but there is no console output that indicates why it crashed. The output is simply: Navigation: Diagnostic: 14.22 Navigate to FiltersViewModel with args TouchNavigation: Diagnostic: 14.22 Navigate requested – tbrushwyler Jul 23 '12 at 20:31
In that case you'll need to debug more - try adding more trace and/or removing line by line from the view and viewmodel code - until you identify which line is causing the crash (which I suspect might eleven be an infinite loop leading to a stack overflow?) – Stuart Jul 23 '12 at 21:46
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follow up on this by email was...

"As to my previous question, I found where the error was. The view associated with my modal view model got into an infinite loop of Dispose() calls. It would only happen if the modal was shown multiple times. Commenting out the Dispose() method allowed me to open it multiple times."

Not sure currently whether this was a fault in the mvx framework or in the app code - but thought I'd post this here in case it helps others

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