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I have a wired problem. I tried to concatenate two strings. If I do this with @Client.ip I get a string with a new line. @Client.ip is a string.

I used this:

order= "net rpc shutdown #{ip} --user=administrator%***! --timeout=100 --force -C 'bla'"

or this

order= "net rpc shutdown "+ @client.ip + " --user=administrator%*** --timeout=100 --force -C 'bla'"

The result is this:

net rpc shutdown
  --user=administrator%*** --timeout=100 --force -C 'bla'

If I write the ip manually and concatenate it then, it works fine and everything is in one line .... Why is that happening? Has someone an idea? :-) I need this string in one line to use the system(-) command.

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Where is @client.ip coming from? Sounds like it is adding a newline. –  Charles Caldwell Jul 23 '12 at 15:17
what is the value of @client.ip –  PriteshJ Jul 23 '12 at 15:18

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It sounds like @client.ip has a newline at the end of it. Try striping it out

order= "net rpc shutdown #{@client.ip.rstrip} --user=administrator%*** --timeout=100 --force -C 'bla'"

String#rstrip will remove any whitespace at the end of the string.

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Thanx, now it works! :-) –  gadreel Jul 24 '12 at 10:41

You can try using chomp helper for string class

order= "net rpc shutdown #{ip.chomp} --user=administrator%***! --timeout=100 --force -C 'bla'"
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