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I have the following PS script:

function Install-BizTalkApplication
  [Parameter(Position=0,Mandatory=$true,HelpMessage="Msi file should be existing")]
  [ValidateScript({Test-Path $_})]

  [Parameter(Position=1,HelpMessage="Path wherein the resource file will be installed")]

  [Parameter(Position=2,Mandatory=$true,HelpMessage="Only valid parameters are Local,Dev,Test and Prod")]


Using the Powershell ISE I try to run the script, passing 3 parameters as follows:

BTDF\Sources\Deployment\BuildAndDeploy.ps1 -msi "C:\Builds\1\CIDemo2\CIDemo2 BTDF\Sources\Deployment\bin\Debug\CIDemo-1.0.0.msi" -ApplicationInstallPath "c:\program files (x86)\CIDemo" -Environment "Dev"

But I get the following error:

The string starting:
At line:1 char:1
+  <<<< 'C:\Builds\1\CIDemo2\CIDemo2 BTDF\Sources\Deployment\BuildAndDeploy.ps1 -msi "C:\Builds\1\CIDemo2\CIDemo2 BTDF\Sources\Deployment\bin\Debug\CIDemo-1.0.0.msi" -ApplicationInstallPath "c:\program files
 (x86)\CIDemo" -Environment "Dev"
is missing the terminator: '.
At line:1 char:233

Could anyone please explain how I should go about passing parameters that contain spaces. I've tried using single quotes but no joy.

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I suspect that you are hitting a command prompt string length limit. Probably at 255 characters. – EBGreen Jul 23 '12 at 16:06
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There is a space in your path - C:\Builds\1\CIDemo2\CIDemo2 BTDF\Sources\Deployment\BuildAndDeploy.ps1

You have to quote it.

Run it like this:

& 'C:\Builds\1\CIDemo2\CIDemo2 BTDF\Sources\Deployment\BuildAndDeploy.ps1' -msi "C:\Builds\1\CIDemo2\CIDemo2 BTDF\Sources\Deployment\bin\Debug\CIDemo-1.0.0.msi" -ApplicationInstallPath "c:\program files (x86)\CIDemo" -Environment "Dev"
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That's it - many thanks – Rob Bowman Jul 23 '12 at 18:52

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