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i have one table which consists of 10 columns out of which one column is username . the column username stores the name of student which may be in uppercase and lowercase . i want to segregate the uppercase and lowercase students.if the username consists of any uppercase it will list the row. i am interested in doing query for column username.in other column also uppercase letters are there but i want to list based on username column only. i have tried several query but no one is working.please advice

i want to list rows with any upperletter in column username. i have tried these codes

SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE LOWER(username) LIKE '%q'

did not worked

SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE UPPER(username) = UPPER('%q')

did not worked

SELECT * FROM accounts where username COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci = '%q'

did not worked

SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE username REGEXP '[A-Z]';

did not worked

SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE username REGEXP '^[[:upper:]+]$'

did not worked

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SELECT *          
FROM accounts          
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you rocks exactly what i was searching. what does this cast do please explain –  user1515503 Jul 23 '12 at 15:47
it does a binary regex match for the expression [A-Z] (looks for uppercase letters) and then returns anything that matches. Please vote up :) –  mlishn Jul 23 '12 at 15:50
CREATE TABLE accounts (
   id int,
   username varchar(50)
) CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_general_ci;

SELECT* FROM accounts WHERE username REGEXP '^[A-Z]+$';

Make sure you use COLLATE latin1_general_ci

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You were on track with the collation, but you need to have a table that is collated, not just the query. What you could do is create a new table, then insert your current rows into the new collated table, then try the REGEX or the rest of the methods.

Select ALL fields that contains only UPPERCASE letters

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The following query will work fine

select * from TABLE where CAST( COL_NAME AS BINARY) = upper(COL_NAME);

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First, you need to make sure the field you are searching on have a case-specific collation like latin1_general_cs (if you are using latin character set). Then you can just search for uppercase or lower case, whichever is you are looking for (i.e. WHERE username LIKE '%q%' or WHERE username LIKE '%Q%'

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Mysql is case insensitive for strings, so it will be more complecated than a single seletect statement. If you want to do this comparison often, convert the type of the username column to one of the binary types listed below:


If you don't want to do this often, consider saving off the results of the current table to a temp table, altering that table with a case sensitive string type, and then using your regex.

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