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I am currently using Ubuntu 12.04 with Hadoop 1.0.3. I recently downloaded sqoop manually and gave the path in /etc/environment. But my terminal say 'sqoop: command not found'. Anyone has any idea?

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Why did you download it manually instead using for example Cloudera repo? –  Wojtek Jul 24 '12 at 10:03

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execute echo $PATH to see the directories in which Linux searches for executed binaries. You should see the bin sub-directory of your sqoop installation folder in this path. For example, if you've installed to /usr/local/sqoop, your path should contain /usr/local/sqoop/bin.

If you do not see this setting, change it wherever you have your $PATH configured, e.g. in .bash_profile if you're using bash.

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if you are installing sqoop, normally executables are found in /sqoop/bin/ directory. could you please check ,if the path specified is correct. you could also try the absolute path bin/sqoop

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Make sure you have these entries in added in ~/.bashrc file

export JAVA_HOME="/usr/local/java/jdk1.7.0_71"
export PATH="$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin"

export SQOOP_HOME="/home/abhisr/sqoop-1.99.5-bin" export PATH="$PATH:$SQOOP_HOME/bin"

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