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Looking on Google and Stack I don't see much in the way for SVN Repository Search Engine functionality and I wanted to know if there are any projects out there either highly recommended or under the radar that show some real promise.

We have a huge repo of Legacy code that is cumbersome to look though and wanted to implement some sort of searching capability. I did see some related SO questions but all the projects don't seem to be actively worked on.

Looking for:

  • Free or Low cost ( no monthly but would be willing to buy if the price is reasonable )
  • Most of our code base is PHP/Python/Ruby with some Java
  • Ability to search Trunk/Branches/Tags and revisions


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Use git-svn to import it into Git, then take advantage of Git's powerful search tools, eg.

git log -S'ADDED-OR-REMOVED-TEXT' --author='Joe User' --since='last year'

The git-svn import may be run incrementally to keep the imported repository up-to-date.

Full git-log manpage.

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will this also search multiple repos as once? –  Phill Pafford Aug 10 '12 at 0:36

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