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Because of my folder structure in the framework I use (cake) I am forced to use "../../" as a prefix for the src parameter.

<img src="$path_to_phpThumb?src=../../my_image.ext" />

How would be recomanded to do in order to get red of "../../" ?

Thank you!

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You could use an alias to redirect requests to the location where your images reside.

i.e. in apache the following would map src="/img/foo.jpg" to the path below

Alias /img /var/www/html/app/webroot/images
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Yes, I think that could work, but while in the src path I will allways refer the webroot I found yet another workarownd: I have overwritten the $_GET['src'] in the phpThumb.php file, prepending to it that double "up" string. –  Michael Jul 23 '12 at 16:10

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