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I have a little problem.

I've build a report with 2 pages:

  • Page1 shows a general items with sum.
  • Page2 shows a detailed of each item.

In the form I choose which kind of page I want to see.

If I want general information I choose option 1 and I saw the "Page1".

But, if I want to see detailed information I saw "Page1" along with "Page2", instead of the "page2" content only.

I tried to set page1.visible := False but If I do that I saw nothing, but If I set page2.visible := False and choose option1 then I saw the content.

Why can't I have the same result ?

It seems to me that the "Page1" is set as the default page and I can't have this page not visible.

So I'm searching to change that. If it is possible, where can I alter that ?


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How about PrintPreparedReport('2', 1, False, frAll); ? – Hendra Jul 24 '12 at 4:21
Can you please precise your Delphi and FastReport versions? – menjaraz Jul 24 '12 at 4:31

you must sure if Page2 has MasterData band.
where Fast Report Page not Appear until it has MasterData.
Where Master Data band Represent Main engine.
and Then your Code will be run page1.visible := False.

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