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I am using Poco to create a process in my app. I would like to relaunch the process if the process exits gracefully or it crashes.

Currently it is started as follows:

ProcessHandle ph = Process::launch( "foo.exe", args, 0, &outPipe, 0);
PipeInputStream istr(outPipe);
std::string s;
int c = istr.get();
while (c != -1)
    s += (char) c; c = istr.get(); 

Graceful exit is handled easily by waiting for the output pile to end as shown above.

How can I handle when the process crashes? I need to handle this on Windows and Linux.

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1 Answer

use the wait() function of the ProcessHandle object in a different thread. when the wait() call returns, the process has terminated. usually processes that crash have a non-zero exit code, and the wait() call returns that exit code

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