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I want to learn Qt programming, where do I get the good stuff? I want to develop in Windows and Linux.

Which are the main IDEs?

What are the main things I want to take care of or understand before starting to learn?

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Qt Creator is probably the IDE you'll want to use. It comes with excellent documentation, but you can also read it online, or look over The Independent Qt Tutorial. There is also the book Foundations of Qt Development if you prefer the dead tree format.

Qt Creator screenshot:

Qt development book on Amazon:

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I also would like to recommend this book: C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4.

It is my favorite !

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For a tutorial, I recommed the ZetCode Qt4 Tutorial, I find the tutorials there always helpful. Usually short & sweet & straight to the point.

For an IDE, like people already said, QtCreator is the way to go.

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QT Centre is a great resource and searching their forums will often have results for common problems.

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If you can understand french, there is a good Qt tutorial right here.

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Use Microsoft Visual Studio and Qt Integration.

GUI is the same as Qt Creator and it helps you for the other C++ topics too.

You will like it..

Advice: add a Visual Assist plugin and code everything very very easy.

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The tutorial in the Qt reference document is a good starting point. It teaches you the basics of the Qt layout manager, 2D graphics and other controls.

Qt Designer is the WYSIWYG editor released by Qt Development Frameworks (formerly Trolltech), it's free and it either comes with the Qt distribution or it is available as a separate download for free.

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