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I was wondering if I could automate completely code first migrations for continuous integration.

Currently my continuous integration simply simply updates the code changes, however, I manually generate a migration, and update the database on my continuous integration server.

Is it reliable / possible / recommended to generate the migrations and update the database automatically?

For example:

I have user with property userId and username. I then add a property age into the code. Current scenario would require me to create a migration that will capture this change, and then I check in my changes to the version control. The continuous integration will spot this change, and will deploy the new version. I have to manually update-database (which should be automated).

Can I skip out the generation of migration too, such that I can simply add the property age onto the code, and the continuous integration will generate this migration. Not sure if this is recommended.

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Part of continuous integration is also rolling back bad changes if they don't pass the tests.

  • Do you write your database upgrade scripts in a way they can be also downgraded?
  • Do you create some save-points or backups for each commit?
  • Would you lose data in the database in case of backup/restores on bad commits?
  • What is bad change is in the DDL itself?

Those are some of the questions you should think about before implementing it.

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