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i need to check if a bucket exist on S3, and have following code:

public static final String S3_URI = "s3n://accessKey:secretKey";

FileSystem fs = new NativeS3FileSystem(new Jets3tNativeFileSystemStore(S3_URI, null));
if (!fs.exists(bucket)) {
     getLogger().error("The input directory '{}' does not exists.", bucket);
     return false;

but eclipse complained cannot resolve Jets3tNativeFileSystemStore to a type, and the imports statements complained org.apache.hadoop.fs.s3native.Jets3tNativeFileSystemStore is not visible. checked the source code for Jets3tNativeFileSystemStore, it's

class Jets3tNativeFileSystemStore implements NativeFileSystemStore {

  private S3Service s3Service;
  private S3Bucket bucket;

does that mean it's a private class? what's the right way to check if bucket exist on S3? Thanks.

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It is package-private. You can only access it from the same java package. Although nothing prevents you from declaring things in that package, it is an ugly hack. Isn't there a static method on FileSystem that can serve up the appropriate file system for any URL, including s3n://?

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yes, use NativeS3FileSystem instead and call the exists() directly, it works. thanks – user468587 Jul 23 '12 at 20:47

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