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I have this actionlink that allows the user to support an index view.

@Html.ActionLink("Opened Date", "Index", new {sortOrder= ViewBag.OpenedDateParm, currentFilter=ViewBag.CurrentFilter})

This where it is handled in the controller

ViewBag.OpenedDateParm = sortOrder == "Date" ? "OpenedDate desc" : "Date";

I would like to sort asc if the current sort is desc and vice versa. Do I use ?: to evaluate the condition in the action link?

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Have this in your controller action. It will set the ViewBag.OpenedDateParm to asc if the current value is desc and viceversa

 ViewBag.OpenedDateParm = sortOrder == "asc" ? "desc" : "asc";

In your View,

 @Html.ActionLink("Opened Date", "Index","YourControllerName",
           new { sortOrder = ViewBag.OpenedDateParm,
                 currentFilter = ViewBag.CurrentFilter },null)
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Awesome! thanks –  Ryan Jul 23 '12 at 17:27

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