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Have a wierd issue where everything works fine until i specify optionsValue. You could see my problem here


doesn't work

All you need to do is try running it with the select that that is commented, and you will see the issue when trying to cascade.

JSON data

var productCategories = [{
"name": "Comapany A",
"abbr": "cA",
"disiplineList": [{
    "name": "Math",
    "abbr": "math",
    "courseList": [{
        "name": "Algebra",
        "abbr": "alg"
}, {
    "name": "English",
    "abbr": "eng",
    "courseList": [{
        "name": "Phonics",
        "abbr": "phon"
}, {
"name": "Company B",
"abbr": "cB",
"disiplineList": [{
    "name": "Gym",
    "abbr": "gym",
    "courseList": [{
        "name": "Kick Ball",
        "abbr": "kb"

HTML code

<table width='100%'>
<tbody data-bind='foreach: lines'>

            <select data-bind='options: productCategories, optionsText: "name",  optionsCaption: "Select...", value: company'> </select>

         <td data-bind="with: company">
            <select data-bind='options: disiplineList, optionsText: "name", optionsCaption: "Select...", value: disipline'> </select>
         <td data-bind="with: disipline">
            <select data-bind='options: courseList, optionsText: "name",  value: product'></select>


​ Java Script (knockoutjs)

function ProductLine(){
           = ko.observable();
                    self.disipline = ko.observable();
                    self.product = ko.observable();

                    // Whenever the category changes, reset the product selection

                function Product(){
                    self.lines = ko.observableArray([new ProductLine()]); // Put one line in by default

                ko.applyBindings(new Product());​

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don't use optionsValue their use is awkward and not very valuable.. you don't need it. Show us what is your real problem. optionsValue is only for numbers, and when you build a select with an observableArray. like this: link – Jaime Yule Jul 23 '12 at 18:41
All i am trying to do is have the have the value be an abbreviation of the text. So for example, "United States of America" would have a value of "usa" and "New York City" would have a value of "nyc". – abritez Jul 23 '12 at 19:04
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Still i don't get it.

But if you want to show name and abbr u can:

 <select data-bind='options: productCategories,
       optionsText: function(item) {return + " - " + item.abbr},  optionsCaption: "Select...", value: company'> </select>

if u want to display your abbr you can:

<td data-bind="with: company">
                            <select data-bind='options: disiplineList, optionsText: "name", optionsCaption: "Select...", value: disipline'> </select>
                             <span data-bind="text: abbr"/> <-- like this
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Thanks I added a url of the version that doesn't work to make it clearer what i am trying to do. – abritez Jul 23 '12 at 19:50
you can't set string to optionsValue. What I am tryin to say is, you don't need it for any real application. optionsText and optionsValue brings the entire list for you optionsText for Strings and optionsValue for Integers. And Value set the selected object to a variable. – Jaime Yule Jul 23 '12 at 20:19
okay, I get it now. Thanks! – abritez Jul 23 '12 at 20:54

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