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I know that I can require all files in a directory using

Dir['path/to/files/**/*.rb'].each { |file| require file }

However, I'm trying to do that for a gem setup file, like so:

class MyGem
  module NS; end

Dir['lib/my_gem/files/**/*.rb'].each { |file| require file }

(where all the files in lib/my_gem/files are namespaced under MyGem::NS). With a directory structure that looks like this:

|-- my_gem                        
|   |-- files              
|   |   |-- file1.rb       
|   |   |-- file2.rb         
|   |   |-- file3.rb         
|   |   `-- ... (many more)      
`-- my_gem.rb                     

And, well, the Dir command doesn't seem to work when I require my gem in another file, since it seems to look for the file paths at run time in my project root (of whatever project I've required my gem from).

How can I require all the files in lib/my_gem/files in lib/my_gem.rb?

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Rubygems has a facility called find_files that will allow you to search based anything in the load path:

Gem.find_files("my_gem/files/**/*.rb").each { |path| require path }
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+1 Just what I was looking for! –  neezer Jul 23 '12 at 21:02
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You can do a recursive search using find and then run through the response list and include them line by line.

Something like

`find #{root_path}/lib/my_gem/files/**/*.rb`.split("\n").each { |p| require p }
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This wouldn't be a cross-platform approach. –  Chad Johnson Jan 25 at 4:03
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