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Is there a way to execute without running gnuplot? I would rather not display the plots or warnings associate with the program.

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are you talking about the from wxPython? or ?? – Joran Beasley Jul 23 '12 at 17:52
@JoranBeasley -- I assume it's from libsvm (whatever that is) based on the tag ... – mgilson Jul 23 '12 at 17:53

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Here's the source of (in my github mirror of the libsvm code).

It's not very customizable; there's some options done by silly manual parsing instead of optparse/etc, and the path to gnuplot is even hardcoded; no options not to draw. But it shouldn't be hard to modify the file and just rip out all the gnuplot-related code.

In fact, I think all you have to do is comment out the last line of process_options

gnuplot = Popen(gnuplot_exe,stdin = PIPE).stdin

and the calls to redraw() near the end of main().

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When you call, simply replace the path parameter with "null".

For example, instead of:

cmd = '{0} -svmtrain "{1}" -gnuplot "{2}" "{3}"'.format(grid_py, svmtrain_exe, gnuplot_exe, scaled_file)


cmd = '{0} -svmtrain "{1}" -gnuplot "{2}" "{3}"'.format(grid_py, svmtrain_exe, "null", scaled_file)
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