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I am trying to create an object and/or properties on the fly... Is this possible?

    F_NAME (= "LoriBeth")
    L_NAME (= "Johnson")
    ADDY1 (= "123 MyStreet")
    ETC (= "Etc")


Dim objCreated as Object
Dim objName AS String = "CLIENT_INFO"
Dim 1stProp as String = "NAME"

objCreated = makeObject(objName, objProp1, etc...)

Function makeObject(byval objName as String, byval objProp1 as String, etc...)
  Class &objName
    Property &objProp1
    End Property
  End Class

  Return &objName
End Function

(I used the VFP way to replace vars with their values at runtime)

to end up with an object that is addressable like:


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You can create a single property typed as a Dictionary(Of String, Object) to accomplish your expando- functionality.

But this whole thing seems like a really bad idea.

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Hans, That is cool, good to know, but doesn't allow me to do what I first posted. Even something like this would be more helpful:

Option Strict Off 
Imports System.Dynamic  
Module Module1     
   Sub Main()         
      Dim OldBag As Object = New ExpandoObject         
      OldBag.Name = "Hans"         
      OldBag.Age = 21         
      OldBag.NewName = "NewBag"
   End Sub 
End Module 
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