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I have a CSV file that looks like this:


How do I read that file and wrote it back to a new file but just the second row (line)? I want the output file to contain:



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is there a comma between COL_B and 12345? –  Joran Beasley Jul 23 '12 at 18:26
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The following reads your csv, extracts the second row, then writes that second row to another file.

with open('file.csv') as file:
    second_line = list(file)[1]

with open('out.csv', mode = 'w') as file:
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outfile = open(outfilename,"w")
with open(filename) as f:
    for line in f:
       print >> outfile , line.split()[-1]

as long as the lines actually look like the line you posted in the OP

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