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Sorry this is a novice question...

I have changed the layout of my magento cart to popup.html.

i have edited the checkout.xml to use popup.phtml... this is the code i have used in the checkout.xml....

    <checkout_cart_index translate="label">
    <label>Shopping Cart</label>
    <remove name="right"/>
    <remove name="left"/>
    <reference name="root">
        <action method="setTemplate">

The problem is that everything was working fine... but i was making changes on the category page and suddenly the cart has stopped showing layout popup.phtml and has started showing 2 column-left and that too without the cart content.

i was making some changes to catalog.xml ... but cant see how it would override the display of checkout/cart

I have been banging my head around this for couple of hours now... Any suggestions as to where i should look to see whats overriding the popup.phtml completely and just displaying an empty two column layout with left column.

thanks..much appreciate..

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The particular file generally does not matter. What matters is the layout update handle, i.e. top level nodes in layout update XML, e.g. default, catalog_category_layered, checkout_onepage_index. It is these which "scope" your layout XML directives.

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<p>in the above code somehow missed this line</p> <checkout_cart_index translate="label">...i have applied it to checkout_cart_index... in the checkout.xml. Further, i have not made any other alterations ... i think... neither to individual categories nor to products... sorry if i sound a little lost... but i am :-( .... –  Moody Jul 24 '12 at 6:53

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