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I am trying to install critlib on my machine ( so that I can create zip files dynamically in TCL. The issue is that I have no idea how to install TCL packages. Is there a certain place you put the folders? Is there a command like yum I can use?

I've skimmed the various TCL beginners guides and read the sections about packages, but every source always seems to be assuming knowledge I lack.

Thank you.

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What exact platform are you on? For this question, that matters. – Donal Fellows Jul 24 '12 at 8:45

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Yes, there are some directories. To list them, execute tclsh and enter

join $auto_path \n

In each of that directory and its subdir (but not the sub-sub-dir) tcl looks for a file called pkgIndex.tcl.

So if you got an archive, extract it, look where the pkgIndex.tcl is, and copy the directory where this file is in to one of the paths $auto_path. The problem is only to select the appropiate path from the output of step 1.

If you are not sure what the appropiate directory is, I suggest editing the output from the first step into your question.

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