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from what i understand is that there is 2 themes in wp7, light and dark. I notice the application bar has generic images, they change to light or dark automatically.

But i placed a image from the SDK icons directory onto xml screen, i noticed they have 2 variants, light or dark.

Problem is that when i view the page with dark or light, the application bar buttons change according to the theme but the image doesn't.

Am i doing this right? Maybe not :-)

So do i have to check for a event change or something? So i know the theme has changed to automatically update the image from light to dark (or dark to light).

If this is the case, i am using mvvmlight and have my code behind quite clean, is this possible to do within the viewmodel or must it take place in the app.xaml?

Any help or info gratefully appreciated

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Please take a look at this MSDN article

As of MVVMLight, you can detect current theme in MainViewModel constructor, or whichever main view model class you have.

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And this one for full list of themed resources. – XAMeLi Jul 23 '12 at 19:01

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