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I have a drop down menu made in css. When you hover over the text (ul) the menu appears (the li appears). I wanted to know, how to make a submenu, that when you hover over the li's another menu (submenu) would appear and would offer other options.


-Tutorials (You hover over tutorials)
           (Then these options appear)         
        -Video tutorials
        -Other tutorials
        -Windows (and if you hover over windows you have 3 choices)
                  //How do I make that!
                  -Windows xp
                  -windows 7
                  -Windows Vista

That is what I want to make.

Thanks people!!

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you need this tutorial: son of suckerfish dropdowns

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If you're using pure CSS then you just need to add a new level of styles. You haven't posted your original code, but assuming you currently have something like: > li > ul {
  display: none;
} > li:hover > ul {
  display: block;

Then you'd simply need to add: > li > ul > li > ul {
  display: none;
} > li > ul > li:hover > ul {
  display: block;

You will of course need to add some positioning code to your third level list so it appears to the right of the active menu item.

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CSSPlay is a great resource with all kinds of menu's you can possibly imagine. Plus all menu's are completely cross-browser. Check it out, I'm sure Stu got one that fits your needs:

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